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The best top hotels to stay at in Kingston with photos, descriptions and reviews. From budget to exclusive hotels and locations. with reviews on whether its good, bad or downright wonderful. Find the best hotel and book direct on line and save money. We are constantly visiting and reviewing our top hotels and accommodation across Jamaica and give you the true facts about each hotel including reviews from customers.
Welcome to the the world of Exclusive Travel covering the Best Top Hotels across Kingston & Jamaica
Top Hotel in Kingston Spanish Court
Spanish Court
Spanish Court star ratingsstar ratings Spanish Courtstar ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
1 St Lucia Avenue, Kingston. Phone: (876) 926-0000 Reservations. Reviews -
Spanish Court good review“My stay was 100% pure happiness.”
good review Spanish Court“Would stay here again in a heartbeat.”
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The Marriott
Marriott star ratingsstar ratings Marriottstar ratingsstar ratings
117 Reviews
1 Park Close, Kingston 5 Jamaica +1(876) 618-9900
Marriott bad rating"Restaurant was incredibly bad. Went to the courtliegh hotel for all our meals."
good review Marriott"I enjoyed my stay at the Marriott Kingston. The staff is pleasant"
The Pegasus
Pegasus star ratingsstar ratings Pegasusstar ratingsstar ratings 285 reviews.
81, Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston 5. Average $ 255
Pegasus bad rating"Added service charges"
good reviews Pegasus“good And exciting experience”
Altamount Court
Altamount Court
star ratings Altamount Courtstar ratingsAltamount Court star ratings
155 Reviews
1-5 Altamont Terrace, New Kingston, Jamaica. From approx $130
Altamount Court bad rating
good review Altamount Court"Overall I enjoyed myself and would book this hotel again."
The Courtleigh
Courtleigh star ratingsstar ratings Courtleighstar ratingsstar ratings 133 reviews
Knutsford Blvd, Kingston. Average $220
Courtleigh bad rating“Fair stay but train staff for better service”
good review Courtleigh“Great Stay at the Courtleigh”

Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings

New Castle Road. Irish Town. Kingston. +1 800 6887678
Strawberry Hill bad rating Location great
Strawberry Hill good review Stunning Views

Inn at 6
The Inn at 6
Inn at 6 star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings

The Inn at 6. 6 Chester Avenue, Kingston 6, Billy Dun, Jamaica. +1 876 381 5124
Inn at 6  bad review"Beautiful, centrally located and comfortable”
Inn at 6  good review"The property is beautiful, looks & feels secure, Home away from home. Great spot"

Starlight Chalet
Starlight Chalet Spa Hotel
Starlight ChaletStarlight Chalet star ratingsstar ratings Starlight Chalet

Silver Hill Gap. Blue Mountains National Park. Jamaica. (1-876) 969-3070
Starlight Chalet bad review"Great Environs for Nature Lovers!”
Starlight Chalet  good review"We absolutely Loooved this place!!! Beautiful scenery in the mountains only nature lover would appreciate"
Terra Nova Hotel
Terra Nova
star ratings Terra Novastar ratingsstar ratings
148 Reviews
17 Waterloo Rd, Kingston +1(876) 926-2211 Website From $189
Terra Nova bad rating
good review Terra Nova“Very good hotel in the center of Kingston”
Knutsford Court
Knutsford Court
Knutsford Court star ratingsstar ratingsstar ratings
16 Chelsea Avenue, Kingston 5. Average $135
Knutsford Court bad rating"This hotel is run down and needs a lot of repairs"
Knutsford Court good reviewOverall nice place and staff very helpful.
Eden Gardens Spa Hotel
Eden Gardens Spa & Hotel
star ratings Eden Gardensstar ratingsstar ratings
255 reviews
39 Lady Musgrave Rd, Kingston +1 (876) 946-9981 Website From $158
Eden Gardens bad rating
Eden Gardens good review“Hotel was home away from home.”
Exclusive Travel Grand Port Royal
Grand Port Royal
star ratingsGrand Port Royal star ratingsstar ratings

Port Royal, Kingston 1. Phone +1(876)899-2698 Website grandportroyal@gmail.com From $89
Grand Port Royal bad rating
Grand Port Royal good review“Good food and close to the airport”
City View Hotel
City View
star ratings City ViewCity View star ratings
27 reviews
Lot 3 Bellvue, Smokey Vale, Kingston. +1 (876) 969-4009 Website From $128
City View bad rating
City View good review“Out of this WORLD view”
Crescent Court Hotel Kingston
Crescent Court
star ratings Crescent Court
Crescent Court star ratings 49 reviews
1b, Lindsay Crescent, Kingston. +1(876) 877-7624 From $100
bad rating Crescent Court
Crescent Court good review"Home away from home”
Indies Hotel
Indies Hotel
Indies Hotel star ratingsstar ratings Indies Hotel

5 Holborn Road, Holborn Rd, Kingston. +1 (876) 926-2952 From $95
bad rating Indies Hotel
Indies Hotel good review“Great location for the low budget visitor"
Jasmine Inn
Jasmine Inn
Jasmine Inn star ratingsstar ratings Jasmine Inn
136 Reviews
26, Tankerville Ave, Kingston. From $65
Jasmine Inn bad rating “Not a bad last minute place to stay. Don’t come expecting any type of major breakfast.”
Jasmine Inn good review"Okay - Rooms are very small"
Liguana Club
Liguanea Club star ratings star ratings Liguanea ClubLiguanea Club
No ratings or reviews yet

Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5. Phone +1(876) 926-8144. salesmanager@theliguaneaclub.com. From $130
Liguanea Club bad rating
Liguanea Club good review
Shirley Retreat
Shirley Retreat
Shirley Retreat star ratingsstar ratings Shirley Retreat

7 Maven Ave, Kingston +1(876) 927-9208 Website From $103
bad rating Shirley Retreat
Shirley Retreat good review“Homey place to stay”
Tropical Manor Inn
Tropical Manor Inn
Tropical Manor Inn star ratingsTropical Manor Inn star ratings

12 Reviews From $51
bad ratings Tropical Manor Inn "There is very little about this property that is admirable except maybe the location"
good review Tropical Manor Inn“Great value for money. I found the bed very hard and uncomfortable"
BLS Wellness Hotel
BLS Wellness
star ratings BLS Wellnessstar ratings BLS WellnessNo reviews yet
Lot 1 Wickie Wackie Dr 23-25, Kingston, Jamaica From approx $253
A brand new entry - no certified reviews yet
BLS Wellness bad rating
BLS Wellness good review
Paradise Resort
Paradise Reggae Resort
Paradise Reggae Resort star ratingsParadise Reggae Resort star ratingsNo ratings or reviews yet

CURRENTLY BEING RENOVATED. 59 Spring Gardens Kitson Town, Charlton, Jamaica. Phone: +1(876) 919-4815
bad rating Paradise Reggae Resort
good review Paradise Reggae Resort

Rockhampton Retreat
Rockhampton Retreat
Rockhampton Retreat star ratingsRockhampton Retreat star ratingsratings based on guests

24 Stillwell Road. Constant Spring. Kingston.
from $60.
Rockhampton Retreat bad rating
Rockhampton Retreat good review

Christar Villas Hotel
Christar Villas Hotel
star ratings Christar Villas Hotel star ratings Christar Villas Hotel
99A Hope Road. Kingston 6. From $130 pn
Christar Villas Hotel bad ratingNo reviews
Christar Villas Hotel good reviewNo reviews

Alhambra Inn
Alhambra Inn
star ratings Alhambra Inn
1 Tucker Avenue. Kingston 6. +1 876 978 9072
Alhambra Inn bad rating
Alhambra Inn good review

Four Seasons
Four Seasons
star ratings Four Seasons
18 Ruthven Road, Kingston. +1 876 9268805
Four Seasons bad rating
Four Seasons good review

Forres Park
Forres Park Resort & Spa
star ratings Forres Park
Mavis Bank. Blue Mountains, Kingston. +1 876 9278275
Forres Park bad rating
Forres Park good review

Ocho Rios Golden View
Ocho Rios Golden View
Ocho Rios Golden View star ratings
Irish Town. Kingston
bad rating Ocho Rios Golden View
good review Ocho Rios Golden View

Medallion Hall
Medallion Hall
Medallion Hall star ratings
53 Hope Road. Kingston. +1 876 9275721
Medallion Hall bad rating
Medallion Hall good review

Prestige Hotel
Prestige Hotel
star ratings Prestige Hotel
70 Sandhurst Crescent. Kingston 6. +1 876 9277239
Prestige Hotel bad rating
Prestige Hotel good review

Tropical Court Inn
Tropical Court Inn
star ratings Tropical Court Inn
3 Holborn Road. Kingston 10. +1 876 9065695
Tropical Court Inn bad rating
Tropical Court Inn good review

NOTE: Some hotels in Jamaica have much to yet learn about excellence in customers expectations. The primary negative feedback from visitors is about staff complacency, meals and paying 4 star prices for 3 star services. However, that's true in many countries. But if you chose right, your in for a wonderful experience in Jamaica and it wont break your bank! So read our guest reviews and hotel details carefully and make the right decision.

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