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Today, Emancipation Park in central Kingston is a wonderful lush park enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Its extensive grounds even support a jogging track. But its history goes way back to 1692 after the devastating earthquake that destroyed the most sinful city on earth, Port Royal. It now stands as a Kingston landmark and a symbol to the resilience and strength of the Jamaican people.

Following the destruction of Port Royal in 1692 which had until then been the core of Jamaica's commercial business, Kingston rapidly developed into the new commercial area. Later, The Liguanea Club gifted seven acres of prime inner city land to the Jamaican Government. But a financially strapped government did nothing with the land for some time and eventually sold it for $1 to the National Housing Trust in 2002. It was then developed by them into what is now Emancipation Park, as somewhere for every one to enjoy its freedom. It's a lush seven-acre oasis in the city center. Art lovers will appreciate the crafted 11ft. bronze sculpture of a man and woman that is boldly erected as you enter the Emancipation Park.

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