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Derwent Garden Estate, Luxury dog friendly holiday rental in Lake District
Derwent Garden Estate. Lake District. Set in 6 acre's of exclusively designed landscaped gardens with accommodation for up to eighteen people over 9 bedroom (8 en-suite), Derwent Garden Estate is ideal for a group stay and its dog friendly, so you can take your four legged friend as well. The house has just been renovated to an exceptionally high standard. Derwent Garden offers luxury self catering accommodation and ideal for dog friendly families, walkers or anyone wishing to visit this beautiful peaceful part of the Lake Districts National Park.
The magnificent landscaped gardens embracing approximately six acres are often featured in major international awards and offer breathtaking panoramic views over Derwent valley and river and beyond to Grassmoor and Buttermere valley.
With luxuriously furnished rooms inside, endless landscaped gardens and country to roam outside complete with two summer houses and fabulous views, there's so much for two legged and four legged friends to explore and enjoy.
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Useful tips and recommendations for going on holiday with your family dog.

While some animals are very happy to hop aboard any means of transport and journey any distance, some are less happy with the constant motion. A great tip I have used for years is to put a couple of drops of lavender oil on their bedding. Apart from a lovely air purifier scent, your dog will be much more relaxed and most likely, have a snooze.
The same goes for us as well, a little lavender sprayed around your pillow will give you a wonderfully relaxed sleep.Travel sickness occurs with some animals. So please remember no meals for fido before setting off on your holiday journey. If your pet is subject to motion sickness, there are off the shelf treatments in most pet shops. Though for a natural home remedy its Ginger! Just a quarter teaspoon per 20kg of dog mixed in with a piece of chicken twenty minutes before setting off will do the trick. Its also extremely effective for humans as well.
Human travel sickness tablets like Dramamine or Gravol are safe to give as well. About 6 mg per kilo of animal. On longer journeys, take a small break after couple of hours so the dog can have a little walk about and pee. Especially older dogs who will stiffen up on a long journey. If your family friend has been sick from traveling, make sure their first meal is something gentle like chicken and rice.When you all arrive at your destination, ensure you have brought a few things your dog is used to that has their scent like the food/water bowls, blanket and favourite toys and a nice bone to chew on. For more anxious dogs there are also off the shelf pet calming sprays as undue stress can quickly cause tummy upsets. Pet calming sprays such as Pet Remedy can really help too. Stress can bring on an upset tummy, especially in dogs.Assuming you have thoroughly researched not only the accommodation, extra rules applicable to pets and what the surrounding countryside is like, make sure you take some dog towels for drying off after a swim or muddy puddle. Also make sure your dog's collar has an id with their name and your mobile number in case they get lost.It would be good practice to do a quick inspection inside and outside the property for any hazards. If enclosed area are their gaps where pooch could get through. Maybe previous guests left some old chicken bones near the bbq. When out walking with your four legged friend be extra careful with livestock and cliff edges as its not unknown for a dog to fall over a cliff while chasing something. Cattle, especially when with calves can easily stampede if faced with a chasing dog who only really wants to play. But the cows or sheep don't know that. On long walks without any fresh streams around, do take an extra bottle of water and plastic bowl for drinkies.

Watch out for pools that are full of green algae that your dog does not drink there. Blue and green algae water is deadly for dogs.
If your dog is a foodaholic like my large Labrador Jack, make sure that if they go swimming no seaweed, dead fish or picnic leftovers are on the menu.

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